You supply the story. I write the song.

Earlier this year, I released a song that told the unfinished story of a friend’s years-long wrestling with God over her husband’s death. When she honored me with the request to do it, I was terrified. I avoided it. She wanted to support my songwriting and musical career, as well, and paid for the recording time. But that almost made it worse.

Frankly, I didn’t feel up to the task.

But she was patient, I stuck with it and God was good, and all the little nooks and crannies got filled in. In the end, it was probably the most meaningful project I’ve ever done. It’s called “GAPS” and is live on all digital platforms. It was such an incredible opportunity.

I would pray for mercy, but You had none then. The Hands that hold seas couldn’t seem to find me when I needed Them. I would pray for healing, but I’ve seen You withhold. I can’t put together why sometimes You act, sometimes You don’t.

from the song, GAPS

That project gave me a hunger to write original songs that tell peoples’ stories.

I enjoy listening to and hearing about other peoples’ experiences. I enjoy reading other peoples’ experiences. Turning those tender, funny and sometimes somber moments into music and lyrics is just the next step in the continuum.

I know that I’m not your type, and that this probably feels out of the blue; and it is, for you. But I’ve been somewhere between a rock and the crashing of waves. So I’ll ask what do I, what do I, what do I have to do?

from the song Hoop

If you would like me to tell your story through song, it would be an honor and a delight!

All the details are on my Facebook page (click on the picture below) or you can reach out via my contact page. I hope very much to hear from you, and to see if we can write a great song that tells a great story!